Does Sean Connery Wear Pants?

You have to dig pretty deep into some weird parts of reddit to find the “Pantless Sean Connery Theory,” so I’m glad I heard about it from a guy named Erik about 15 years ago. The “origin story” of the theory comes from the filming of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Some of the filming took place in Jordan, where it was hot as balls. According to some members of the cast and crew, Sean Connery, who at that point was old, rich, and famous enough not to give a single shit, would take off his pants between scenes. He even did some scenes pants-free.

This might seem like a one-time thing, but if you look closely at Connery’s movies from the 90s on, you’ll notice that every director chose to shoot him either from the waist up or in long shots where he could easily have been replaced by a body double (The Rock is a good example of this). The conclusion is obvious: Sean Connery hasn’t worn pants on a movie set since 1989. The obvious question, of course, is whether he did his voice work for Dragonheart buck-ass naked. We think he did. You can get away with a lot of shit when you’re Sean Connery.

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